Yoda Guy Museum

An unexpected find in Philipsburg St. Maarten : a Star Wars Museum !!
The Yoda Guy exhibit is a dedicated Star Wars replica and memorabilia museum that is one of the top 3 most popular museums in the entire Caribbean. Created by Nick Maley the Yoda Guy Museum is composed of all the important movie history that has touched him and his wife over the years. This St Maarten museum includes proprietor Nick’s Maley personal collection of movie relics and collectibles, with a focus on Sci-Fi franchises like Star Wars, Highlander, Terminator,Men in Black, Superman and many more.
At the Yoda Guy Museum located on Front street, Philipsburg St. Maarten you can also buy some rare movie relics hand signed by the stars, including Mark Hamill (Luke), Carrie Fisher (Leia), Frank Oz (Yoda), Dave Prowse (Darth Vader), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) or Kenny Baker (Artoo) etc….

Duration varies depending on each customers interest and needs.

Here are some things to look forward to when visiting:
1. Star Wars : Darth Vader, including hologram of actor Dave Prowse discussing his experiences
2. Star Wars : creation of Yoda
3. Star Wars : creation of creatures for the famed Mos Eisley Cantina in Episode IV
4. Star Wars : Han Solo in Carbonite
5. Star Wars : Ewoks and props
6. Star Wars : Tusken Raiders
7. Star Wars : Unknown Yoda puppeteers
8. Star Wars : first, second & third drafts of episode IV including “The Adventures of Luke Starkiller”
9. Star Wars : Nick Maley current recreation of Yoda to encourage Lucasfim return to practical effects in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology movies.
10. Superman : Nick Maley work on the first two Christopher Reeves movies
11. Highlander : Nick Maley work on the classic movie
12. Men In Black : work of Rick Baker
13. Thriller : work of Rick Baker
14. Terminator & Terminator II : work of Stan Winston
15. Alien : work of the Special Effects team
16. The Exorcist : the uplifting influence of Dick Smith “grandfather of American prosthetic”
17. Life casts movie: Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Robin Williams, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, Jim Carrey, Muhammad Ali, Patrick Stewart, Christopher Lee, Bogart & Brando, James Dean & Gregory Peck, Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Cagney, Alfred Hitchcock, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and 30 others.
18. Life casts/death masks : historical: Abraham Lincoln, (life cast 3 months before his assassination in 1865), Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, Ludwig Van Beethoven and Oliver Cromwell, (1658),
19. The Shining : Nick Maley work on the horror classic
20. Life force : Nick Maley work on the cult horror movie
21. Krull : Nick Maley work – fantasy movie
22. The Keep : Nick Maley work on Michael Mann’s hard to find cult horror movie
23. Storyboarding : The process of visualizing movies through sequential drawings, Star Wars, Terminator, etc.
24. The careers of legendary make-up effects artist Stuart Freeborn “father of British creature effects” and his son Graham Freeborn


Great Bay

Great Bay Beach is located in the heart of Philipsburg St.Maarten and is lined with beach bars, restaurants and shop along the boardwalk (watch our video HERE on youtube).
The beach is accessed via a promenade that runs most of the way across its length. At the eastern end one can enjoy the view of cruise ships in port.
Beside the Great Bay Beach you can visit Front street and Backstreet in Philipsburg for your duty free shopping, for the casinos, and restaurants.If you plan to do some St Maarten shopping in Philipsburg then you should watch our video on youtube.
And to prepare your trip you need to know where is Great Bay Beach ! So you can look at our Map HERE or below.

Prepare your itinerary with our Map of Great Bay Beach in St Maarten


Philipsburg is the capital of St Maarten and as such is the heart of the Dutch side of the island. Not only you will find all the government buildings and its associated agencies but also many stores that make Philipsburg St. Maarten a paradise for would be shopper especially with a duty free shopping policy!
Philipsburg St. Maarten (not the town in Montana!) is also home of the St Maarten cruise port that welcome all the cruise ships and nearly 2 millions passengers every year.

So when you want to spend a day in Philipsburg St. Maarten you have many options on things to do. And what is interesting with Philipsburg is that you can all do together.
Imagine a day where you can go the beach, eat in a good restaurant, do some shopping and also sightseeing historical buildings. Phillipsburg has it all !

While walking on Frontstreet to hunt for the best bargain for your St Maarten shopping you will see the Beautiful Philipsburg Methodist Church (right picture) that is built entirely in wood and surrounded by vegetation. It’s very nice.

Frontstreet Philipsburg is home to many jewelry stores, electronic stores and fashion stores with US and International brands and is where many tourists will go for their duty free shopping in St Maarten.
Backstreet is home to even more stores that front street with many small shops and some big department stores. Backstreet in Philipsburg attract more locals than tourist but it’s also a good place to make pretty good deals during your St Maarten shopping spree (don’t hesitate to negotiate to get easily 10% or 20% discount !).

And Philipsburg is also a Great Beach ! Indeed Philipsburg is located in Great Bay and the color of the water is amazing ! So going to the beach is a must when in Philipsburg. And it’s easy since the beach is by the boardwalk with plenty shops, beach bars and restaurants. You just need to find your lounge chair !

The Philipsburg Court House (left picture) is one of the most Famous monument of St Maarten. Located on Wathey Square and Fronstreet you can’t miss it ! Whether you arrive by water taxi from a cruise ship, Wathey square is right in front of the pier by the boardwalk. And if you arrive by car or taxi then you will see the building standing in the middle of Fronstreet the street to do your duty free St Maarten shopping.


One of the attraction or sightseeing of Philipsburg St. Maarten is Old street (left picture) that has a particular feeling and atmosphere. Oldstreet is a small street that link frontstreet to Backstreet in Philipsburg.

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