St Martin airport

St Martin airport in Grand Case is a regional airport deserving directly only 3 destinations : Martinique, Guadeloupe and St Barts. From Pointe a Pitre in Guadeloupe or Fort de France in Martinique you can have international destinations to the USA, to France, to other Caribbean islands. St Martin airport in Grand Case is small airport as you can see on the pictures on the right. But It can receive private jet flights.
So for an international flight from St Martin you need to go to the Dutch side in Maho at the St Maarten airport Princess Juliana.

St Maarten Airport

St Maarten Airport or more officially Princess Juliana International Airport is a world class airport and worldwide famous due to its location almost on the beach ! Indeed St Maarten Airport is also known as Airport beach because its runway is next to Maho Beach. So the Planes landing and take off are quite spectacular from the beach (see pictures below).

But besides its famous location on the beach, St Maarten airport offers all the amenities of a world class airport such as restaurants, gift shops, restrooms, information center, car rental services, taxi services and bus (see our Inside St Maarten airport map).

In addition to commercial flights, St Maarten airport also accommodate cargo planes and private jet planes.

History of St Maarten airport

From a US military airstrip in 1942 to an ultra-modern international airport in 70 years, St Maarten airport has developed to make it one of the busiest in the region, with an average of 1.6 million flights passengers passing through it yearly.

The first commercial flight, a KLM “Kolibrie” plane, touched down on December 3, 1943. The world’s largest plane the Antonov An-255, came calling with relief materials in 1995 following Hurricane Luis and landed in Sint Maarten airport. Even the now defunct Concorde, which at the time was the world’s fastest aircraft, landed on its runway long before this was extended to its current length of 7,659 ft  (2,300 m).

The first terminal building quickly became inadequate. Consequently, a new one was built in 1964.

In 1986, the terminal building was remodeled with new departure and arrival halls. In 1997, a master plan was developed resulting in the new US$100 million St Martin airport terminal that was officially opened on November 10, 2006.

Designed to handle some 2.5 million passengers annually, SXM Airport ’s four level is fully air conditioned and has spacious modern terminal facilities with its glass exterior. St Maarten airport has a comfortable Departure Hall with 21 completely duty free shopping retail outlets, and 5 food & beverage outlets with 3 bars.

A separate, 21,527.82 sq ft or 2,000 m2 cargo facility built to handle 10,000 tons of cargo per year exists near the Terminal Building of Sint Maarten airport.

Here are some Facts about Sint Maarten airport :

  • Airport Area : 6,914,897.51 sq ft or 642,415 m2
  • Terminal Area : 328,299.27 sq ft or 30,500 m2
  • Capacity : 36-40 planes movements / hour
  • Boarding gates : 13
  • Check in counters : 46
  • Transfer desks : 10
  • Immigration booths : 20
  • Emigration booths : 5

How to Come

Since St Martin St Maarten is a Caribbean island you can forget the train for coming to visit us ! The only option is the plane and the boat to get to St Maarten.
But it’s still a lot of possibilities since St Maarten has 2 airports : Princess Juliana International Airport in Maho on the Dutch side and Grand Case Airport in Grand Case on the French side. The 2 St Maarten airports receive both commercial flights (from the US and other major regional and international airport) and private flights with private jet.
There is also St Maarten cruise port in Philipsburg. The St Maarten Port has been voted #1 for the Caribbean cruise and received nearly 2 millions passengers in 2016. Passengers who arrives through a cruise have the chance to visit St Martin island for a day and most of them visit Philipsburg St. Maarten for shopping and some of them take excursions tours.
In addition to that, St Maarten has plenty marinas for small boats and big yachts.


St Maarten Airport

St Maarten Airport see more than 1,5 millions passengers in between the tourists who arrive to St Martin and those flights passengers who are in transit to Sint Maarten surrounding islands.

St Maarten Cruise Port

St Maarten cruise port is located in Philipsburg and is one of most popular among Caribbean cruise passengers …

St Martin airport in Grand Case

St Martin airport in Grand case on the French side is only a regional airport and can welcome private jet flights …

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